Business or Personal Branding Sessions

These sessions are all about capturing the perfect head shot or perhaps creating a few images that helps share your story, products, services and purpose for your business, blog or brand.  My goal is to capture a look that is professional, honest and authentic to you. Many times the photo you use on your website, social media outlets or business card is the first impression for a prospective client, let's make it a great one!

For wardrobe and posing inspiration check out this link:  I have added a collection of images that are great examples. 

When to plan:

These sessions are typically done at my studio, I can set up on location at your place of work, but a $50 on location fee will apply.

What to expect:

I will want to meet with you at my studio or your office for a consultation to really dig deep into your business and better understand what types of images you need to best represent your brand.  I will ask about what it is you do or services you offer as well as buzzwords or taglines you use for your business. We will look into color options that are in your logo or place of business to create consistency and harmony in your wardrobe or backdrop choices.  The photo shoot time will vary depending on your marketing needs, a simple headshot may only take 20 minutes, whereas a full branding portfolio may take hours. The goal is to capture many different poses for you to choose from in a proofing gallery.  At that point, you will select your favorite pose(s) for purchase and I will edit it and get you the digital file to use for your marketing purposes.

How to prepare:

Here is a typical photo shoot checklist :

  • extra outfits & accessories It's always a good idea to bring 1-2 more outfits than we will have time for, just in case. Bring an alternate shirt, jacket, tie or or scarf to change into for variation if time allows; I have a few backdrop colors to choose from that we can coordinate with and compliment your outfit.  
  • make up or hair brush/accessories Ladies: bring touch ups for lip gloss, a bit of blush & some powder to tone down any shine. Typically you need to wear more make up than usual for photos since the flash will wash out your color slightly. Mascara and a touch of eye shadow will help define your eyes.  Men: apply chapstick to keep lips from looking chapped. Don't forget to lotion your hands and face to even out skin tones.

Other things to consider:

  • manicure or pedicure: Don't forget sometimes your hands will be in the shot. A coat of nail polish for women (even clear) is something to consider before your shoot or at least remove the chipped remains from your last coat of paint. ;o)
  • haircut or color: For the ladies, a fresh bang trim & taking care of any grown out roots can make a big difference. For the fella's, take the time to at least shave the back of your neck & trim any facial hair so you have a polished look in the photo. A "5 o'clock shadow" is awesome when it is done purposefully, a great tip is to shave a clear line from the jaw line down to your collar to give it boundaries.  I have a salon located inside my studio and offer haircuts or hairstyling prior to your photoshoot, ask me about options and pricing.
  • hiring my team of stylists if it's in your budget, my wardrobe stylist/makeup artist can help you prepare and assist throughout the session for make up touch ups or hair style/wardrobe changes. I also have dresses for women to use for their sessions in various sizes and styles, if you're interested you can try these on during your consultation.

What to wear:

Always wear something that you feel confident in and suits your normal business attire and feels authentic to you.  Check that your clothing is not wore out, faded or pilled, try to pick textures or patterns that are subtle or go for solid colors. The goal is to have you be the focus and not have your bold prints steal the show, if you love prints try to pick ones that feel cohesive with your brand or logo. Don't be afraid of bold, bright pops of color especially ones that help reinforce your brand colors! I love a good power suit jacket or shift dress but it should have a bit of stretch to it allowing you to bend your arms comfortably and have a slim fit to compliment your silhouette.  Really all of your clothes should have a bit of stretch allowing the fabric to hug your curves and give you freedom of movement in various poses, like crossing your arms, definitely do not choose fabrics that make you feel like you're wearing a straight jacket.

Adding one or two accessories such as a watch, bracelet, necklace, trendy hat, scarf, belt, tie, jacket, vest, cuff links, etc. can make a big impact in a photo making it look more polished. Women feel free to bring a killer pair of heels, but know that you will only need to wear them for any full body shots the rest of the time you can relax in flats. The extra lift wearing heels gives really does elongate your legs and looks great in photos, but for the love they can be a pain to wear for long periods of time!

Lastly, remember the best thing you can bring to your photo shoot is your confidence and we are sure to get some great shots!