Children & Family Sessions

This session is all about your family tree and the branches you are growing! I want to capture your family from the little ones on up to the bigger ones. As a parent I know the importance of taking the time to actively participate in the story of your life, not just narrate it from behind the lens. So rest assured I'll be focusing Mom and Dad and the connection you share with your children, just as much as documenting the stage that your adorable kids are in right now.   For more inspiration check out this link:

When to plan:

It is best to book your family session during the months of May-October. The Walla Walla Valley really shines during these months and the weather is beautiful.  All sessions are outdoors 2-3 hours prior to sunset and last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Summer and Fall sessions book up quickly so it's best to book a month or two in advance to ensure the date of your choice, photo shoots are reserved with session fee paid in full up front.

What to expect:

Your photographs are designed to be displayed in your home, whether artfully showcased on a wall or placed proudly on a shelf or table. Ideally your pictures should be thoughtfully planned out just like any other piece of furniture or art you have chosen for your home. Think of where you'd like to put these photos, what's the over all sense of style in that room? What mood does it portray? The mood of the photo can & should enhance that feeling in your home. All of these components are what make a portrait an heirloom you'll want to keep for generations.  Is there a location around town that you frequent, a place you drive by every day and are inspired by? Is there a special place you & your family hold sacred? If so, that's where I want to take you! I want you to be in your element during your session, in a location that has meaning & special memories for you.  The right location can make a big impact on the overall look & feel of your photo. I will plan on photographing the entire family together and then in small groupings of just kids, just parents, moms and son, dads and daughters, etc. If there's a specific combination you're looking to capture just let me know!

How to prepare:

Here is a typical photo shoot checklist :

  • extra outfits & accessories If session time allows wardrobe changes & especially with young children who are notorious for making messes.
  • back up shoes A lot of locations are off the beaten path in grassy fields or pastures with manure, so a good sturdy pair of walking shoes or boots to wear is a good idea. You can change into your fancy shoes once we get there.
  • make up or hair brush/accessories Ladies: touch ups for lip gloss, a bit of blush & some powder are a must! Bobby pins or hair ties are also a good thing to have on hand. Fellas: A comb or lotion for dry hands is about all you'll need aside from items that coordinate with your outfit (hat, belt, tie, etc.).
  • bug spray I am starting to carry this with me at all times, summer evening sessions in remote areas are a prime time for mosquitoes or other creepy crawlies!
  • wet wipes Parents of toddlers, this should be obvious, but they can come in handy during any type of session. I usually keep some on hand.
  • any prop or special item you'd like to incorporate we usually discuss this before hand.

Other things to consider:

  • manicure or pedicure: Don't forget sometimes your hands will be posed by your face, I also have a not-so-secret foot fetish & love to take pictures of cute little piggies in children sessions. A coat of nail polish (even clear) is something to consider before your shoot. Or at least remove the chipped remains from your last coat of paint. ;o)
  • haircuts or haircolor: Roots with grow out 2 inches down from your crown, bangs that hang down past your eyes or fuzzy hair all down your boy's neck may need some attention prior to your photo shoot. I have a salon located in my studio for those needing last minute appointments for trims, but if you are in need of a root touch up I suggest booking with your hairstylist to have the best coverage!

What to wear:

Depending on which season best suits you, I will help you to pair colors together & show you how to coordinate many different outfits together for a cohesive look Are there colors you tend to gravitate towards? Whether it be in your wardrobe or accented in your home, those colors should be used in your portraits. I love layering textures, colors and patterns and accenting with jewelry or accessories like watches, scarfs or hats. All these layers can give a polished look to the overall look of the photos.  For kids, I love for their personalities to shine through their wardrobe choices, so allowing them freedom to express their own personal styles within the colors you've chosen for the entire family is fun and keeps everyone cohesive.

For more inspiration check out this link: