Photography by Jamie Brown | Seniors

Senior Sessions

These sessions are all about capturing Senior's about to graduate High School or College, my goal is to truly capture the essence of your personality. As you prepare to branch out into the world of independence I want to help you define yourself through these images.  Let's have fun with it!

For more inspiration check out this link:

When to plan:

Start thinking about your Senior session at the end of your Junior year. Many times high school yearbook deadlines are in early fall, so capturing your images the Spring or Summer prior to the start of your Senior year is the best time. My favorite months are May-September. Here's a list of the 2015 Yearbook deadlines for local school to guide you on your decision.

  • Sept 26 Richland
  • Oct 17 Kennewick
  • Oct 24 Walla Walla
  • Oct 31 Touchet
  • Oct 31 Hermiston
  • Jan 3 Dayton
  • Jan 17 Milton Freewater
  • March 14 WW Valley Academy
  • April 4 Weston-McEwen


What to expect:

Depending on your session choice the photo shoot will last between 1-2 hours. We average 20-30min per outfit. Locations that are close together are preferred or one location that has lots of variety. Once the session begins, so does the clock, any time we spend on traveling or changing outfits will dip into the session length since I cannot pause the sun's decent to the horizon. Sessions begin based on the sunset times and cloud cover, typically 2-3 hours before sundown.


How to prepare:

Here is a typical photo shoot checklist :

  • extra outfits & accessories It's always a good idea to bring 1-2 more outfits than we will have time for, just in case.
  • back up shoes A lot of locations are off the beaten path in grassy fields or pastures with manure or critters, so wearing a good sturdy pair of walking shoes or boots is a good idea. You can change into your fancy shoes once we get there.
  • make up or hair brush/accessories Ladies: bring to the session touch ups for lip gloss, blush & some powder. Bobby pins or hair ties or headbands are also a good thing to have on hand especially if it's expected to be breezy during your session. I always recommend wearing slightly more make up than usual and be sure to really define your eyelashes. Fellas: a comb or lotion for dry hands is about all you'll need besides items that coordinate with your outfit (hat, belt, tie, watch, etc).
  • bug spray I am starting to carry this with me at all times, summer evening sessions in remote areas or near water are a prime time for mosquitoes or other creepy crawlies!
  • wet wipes For parents of toddlers this should be obvious, but they can come in handy during any type of session. I usually keep some on hand.
  • any prop or special item you'd like to incorporate (we usually discuss this before hand), but includes sports equipment, musical instrument, books, hat, flower or car or truck, yes that's right. ;-)

Other things to consider:

  • manicure or pedicure: Don't forget sometimes your hands will be posed by your face. A coat of nail polish (even clear) is something to consider before your shoot or at least remove the chipped remains from your last coat of paint. ;o)
  • haircut or color: For the ladies, a fresh bang trim & taking care of any grown out roots can make a big difference. The bang trim is especially important for little girls who may have stray hairs that hang into their face, I want to see their sparkling eyes! ;o) And, for the fella's, take the time to at least shave the back of your neck & trim any facial hair so you have a polished look in the photo. A "5 o'clock shadow" is awesome when it is done purposefully, a great tip is to shave a clear line from the jaw line down to your collar to give it boundaries. If it's in your budget having a professional salon appointment for a style the day of the session can remove the stress of styling your own tresses. If you need a referral for a salon, I recommend the Beehive Cut & Color Bar in Walla Walla, the girls there will take good care of you! Just tell them I sent you. ;o)
  • Hiring my team of stylists to help you prepare and assist throughout the session for make up touch ups or hair style/wardrobe changes. Contact me for a list of options!
  • jewelry & accessories: Adding a watch, bracelet, necklace, scarf, hat, belt, tie, jacket, vest, gloves, etc. can make a big impact in a photo, make it look more polished & can take your look to the next level and give it more depth with layered textures.  Don't be afraid of bold, bright pops of color!

What to wear:

What style would best describe your wardrobe? Are you a trendy fashionista? GQ & dapper? Hipster? Indie?  Retro? Country? Rocker? Classic & timeless? Do you love vintage finds? How you present yourself says a lot about who you are. Your portrait should not portray someone or something you're not. Now is the time to let your personality shine through, whatever that may be! You want to be comfortable in your clothes. I will help you, using visual guides, to pair colors together & show you how to coordinate outfits. I have examples I can share with you to inspire you to pull items you already have in your closet together to create perfect outfits. Feel free to bring props & extra accessories to play with!  Check out these pins for inspiration: