Maternity Sessions

This session is all about Mama! Capturing the bump and the connection between Mama and the baby she is growing. Just let me know if you would like to include other members of the family for a few shots as well. For more inspiration check out this link:

When to plan:

It is best to book your maternity session during weeks 28-32 of your pregnancy. Photo shoots are reserved with the session fee paid up front. I find most Moms to be have a distinct "baby bump" by this point in the pregnancy, but you still feel comfortable in your own skin and your favorite outfit.

What to expect:

We can use either my indoor studio or an outdoor location for your photo shoot. If you'd like to have a few bare belly shots sometimes an indoor location is best, unless the weather is warm enough outside to allow you to do so. Maternity sessions are booked on 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour increments depending on how many locations, outfits or members of the family you'd like to include. Some other ideas to consider are gender reveal, heirloom hand-me-downs to use as props or creative bare belly poses.

How to prepare:

You will need to bring any accessories, props or clothes you'd like to use. Think about where & how you would like to use the images from your session (bedroom, nursery, baby book, etc) and start building the scene around that theme or location. Let's use those colors in the photo shoot to create a cohesive theme in the room or way in which you are planning to display them.  Typically I will have your hands posed on or around your belly so getting a manicure prior to your photo shoot would be a nice treat.

What to wear:

Wearing figure hugging clothes will help accentuate your lovely silhouette. I love soft textures, scarfs, solids or strategic patterns, separates, long skirts, skinny jeans with boots and belts.  If your jeans have the panels built in, bring a separate outfit with bottoms (skirts are great for this) that fit just under the belly with a top that can be lifted up to expose the belly easily if you want bare skin shots. Studio shots for bare bellies can be done with pretty underwear and bra combo's or tube tops and jeans or strategic placement of hands over the breasts leaving your belly bare. Another great way to give the illusion of bare skin, without actually showing it is to use a sheer fabric to drape around your belly and have pulled tight behind you.