Photography by Jamie Brown | Troubleshooting

How to access your proofs:

Click on (or copy & paste) the direct link e-mailed to you into your web browser and when prompted type in the password.  You may be asked to create an account with me to access these. Simply enter your e-mail and create a password (this can be the same password as your gallery or one of your favorites) this will help us stay in better communication. Don't worry there is no spam or sharing of your e-mail!

Sort your proofs:

Once you have created an account you can select favorites and organize these favorites into folders. There is a heart in the corner of images, simply click to make this bold, you will see a favorite folder in upper left corner with a (1) next to it, as you add favorites this that number will increase. You can rename the folder and create new folders to help sort images ie; "prints", "digital", "gifts", "for my wall", etc.

Share your favorites:

You can e-mail your cart or your favorites folder to me or a friend.. This is helpful if you are wanting some advice regarding products, before you purchase or if you'd like to share photos with friends & family for gift printing.

Purchase products:

Click on an individual photo or "select all" to order the same print size & quantities of every photo in your gallery. When you are looking at a selected photo, click buy in upper right hand corner to purchase & view all the products available. Once you have made your selection click add to cart.  Continue adding items to your cart until you have finished your order. As you add items to your cart, choose preview & configure to view more options & to customize your products (add framing or mats, crop photo, add text to specialty gifts, etc.).  You can add comments or ask questions under instructions if you are unsure how to proceed & I will contact you before completing your order to be sure.  As a default all orders will be sent to me for approval to ensure that they have been configured properly.

I would love to discuss options with you & help map out a showcase wall design specific to your home!


Hopefully we've touched on this during your consultation, but if not, please don't hesitate to ask for some suggestions on how to showcase your family!

Be sure to enter any coupon codes or gift certificate codes you may have before paying with your credit card.

For quality assurance all orders will be approved by me before completion.  You will receive e-mail confirmation that your order is processing.