Newborn Sessions

This session is all about baby! Capturing every square inch of their fresh oh-so-soft skin and the connection you share with them. I want to capture the way their hair curls (if they have any), the curve of their ears, the way their thighs fold into themselves, their irresistible pudgy toes or how their lips pout when they sleep. For more inspiration check out this link:

When to plan:

It is best to book your newborn session during the last trimester of your pregnancy. Photo shoots are reserved with the session fee paid up front. I limit the amount of sessions I book during the week prior and week after your due date to ensure I have plenty of time in my schedule to accommodate your newborn session.  I understand that delivery times are hard to predict, so reserving your session early helps ensure that your baby will be photographed during the ideal age of 4-10 days post delivery.

What to expect:

After delivery I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible so we can schedule the exact day and time of your photo shoot. Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 1-3 hours, each baby is different and each session varies. I will invite you into my studio where I have an assortment of baby props, blankets and accessories.  I love to use scarfs, soft textured blankets and baskets or bowls to wrap baby in. If you have anything specific you'd like to use from your home, please bring it, but I have a beautiful collection of items for you to choose from.  Not all babies will be comfortable in every pose, I follow baby's cues to see how flexible they are in achieving those curly baby poses we love so much.  As babies mature they become less pliable as their bones begin to harden, which is why I encourage my clients to book their newborn session before their baby is 2 weeks of age to capture the poses that resemble the positions they held in your womb.

How to prepare:

Bring any accessories, props or clothes we've discussed at consultation. Think about where & how you would like to use the images from your session (birth announcement, nursery, baby book, etc) and start building the scene around that theme or location. Is the nursery muted, soft tones or does it have bright pops of color, let's use those colors in the photo shoot to create a cohesive theme in the room you are planning to display them. The morning of the photo shoot I will have you loosely clothe your baby or transport them only in a loosely tied diaper using a blanket to keep them warm and cozy in car seat. We want to ensure their skin is as wrinkle/redness free as possible as well as disrupt them as little as possible with changing. Just prior to the session beginning I will have you feed the baby to get them into a good milk coma. Once they are settled and sound asleep we will begin photographing. I will have parents nearby throughout the session to assist in making sure baby is safe and secure in each pose.

Plan to be in the shot:

I would love to photograph parents or siblings in a couple of the poses so come prepared:

  • coordinating outfits that are neutral in color and texture and soft that echo the colors and tone of your consult
  • make up or hair brush/accessories Ladies: touch ups for lip gloss, a bit of blush & some powder are a must! Bobby pins or hair ties are also a good thing to have on hand. Fellas: A comb or lotion for dry hands is about all you'll need aside from items that coordinate with your outfit
  • manicure or pedicure: Don't forget sometimes your hands will be posed holding your baby so a fresh coat of nail polish (even clear) is something to consider before your shoot. Or at least remove the chipped remains from your last coat of paint. ;o)
  • haircuts or haircolor: Having a fresh color and cut always looks and feels nice. I have a salon located in my studio for those needing last minute haircut or hair styling appointments, but if you are in need of a root touch up I suggest booking with your hairstylist to have the best coverage!